When You're Busy, Templates Make Life So Much Easier!

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We know you're busy and sometimes it's not easy to think about planning for your future and end of life care, but it is important. To keep it super quick and easy, LifeLot retrieves information that has already been entered into your LifeLot account. All LifeLot templates are easily editable, printable and free to download.

How It Works

1. Log in and enter information into your LifeLot account - as much or as little as you'd like.

Will Questionnaire

2. Head to www.lifelot.co.nz/templates and choose which important document you'd like to create. (You must be logged in to view this page.)

3. LifeLot pulls relevant information that you've entered into your account through to the template form.

Will Questionnaire

4. To make changes, simply edit the fields by writing over the information that's there. You can clear the form at any time. This will clear your answers and re-populate the fields with the original information you've entered into your LifeLot account.

5. Save and print, or save it onto a USB drive to print elsewhere

6. Take to your lawyer to finalise and sign

7. Upload to your LifeLot account - EASY!

And don't worry, you don't have to complete everything at once! If you need time to ponder or to find more information, simply click SAVE.  Everything will be ready for you to complete on your return.

How does it work?


Have a question? Check our FAQ page, we may have already answered it there. If not, then email us admin@lifelot.co.nz.  Good old phone calls work too – give us a ring on 09 950 4707.

We want the LifeLot experience to be a pleasant one, if you have any suggestions for improvements, drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you.

LifeLot has everything you need to create Enduring Powers of Attorney, a Will or an Advance Care Plan. Achieve peace of mind knowing your loved ones will be looked after the way you want them to be by ensuring these important documents are completed and therefore available when necessary. 

I've got your back!Why LifeLot is the solution

Often the only time you seem to think about your important documents is when you need them. And, often you can't find them because you either don't have an organised and centralised system for storing your important documents and/or the last time you needed them, you simply tossed it back into the sea of papers in your home office instead of putting it back where it belonged!

There is probably some other stuff that only sits in your head and your family would love to know. LifeLot ensures important information is passed through generations. In a medical emergency, a delegate will be able to securely access an Advance Care Plan or Will, and call upon other important documents when they're most needed.


It's simple to set up, free to try, and it can make a world of difference for your family if something happens to you.