LifeLot - Your Online Digital Safe

Your digital life stored in one place, accessible anytime,
and taken care of after you've gone...

LifeLot is a private, extremely secure online digital safe that enables you to lock away important information about your life, safe-keeping it now, and into the future. Sorting your life's lot is one of the most important things to do before you die. Leave your loved ones in comfort, not confusion by taking care of the medicallegal and financial documents they'll need after you've gone. Tell me more...

LifeLot your online digital safeData Protection, Privacy and Security

Protecting your data and keeping it private and secure is paramount. LifeLot goes above and beyond when it comes to keeping your information secure. Our online digital safe uses two-step verification, IP detection, bank-level SSL certificates and AES 256-bit encryption.

AES 256-bit encryption is used for "Top Secret" information such as financial, military or government owned. Encryption of all sensitive data ensures that everything that you store in LifeLot is for your eyes only, not even our staff can view it.  Tell me more...

Securely share your important information with your delegates in our online digital safe

Picking People To Be Part Of Your Lot

Your family. Your friends. Your advisors. The people you choose to view your lot – either in part or in total – are entirely up to you.

Delegates are the most trusted people your life, and your information can be shared with them in certain situations. In a medical emergency or if you have a terminal illness, a delegate can securely access the My Medical section of your LifeLot account. which includes your Advance Care Plan

A LifeLot account must be transitioned to an "unlocked" state by the LifeLot team before a delegate can access it, and there is strict protocol around this transition. Tell me more...

Just how can TAG LifeLot benefit you while you're...alive?

Since TAG LifeLot's inception, we have been razor-focused on helping our clients live healthier, fuller and more protected lives.  We asked our clients "How can TAG LifeLot benefit you while you're...alive?"

create an online will83% said having the ability to create an online will 
65% said having a secure digital online safe 

From coping with stressful life events to accessing information you need on a day-to-day basis. Being organised is not about being perfect; it's about customising your whole world to work for you...right now. Manage your most sensitive documents from anywhere, and share them with friends, family or even your financial advisor. Things like account numbers, usernames and passwords. Information about treasured items like family photos and secret recipes. Details about who gets the family heirlooms and stories of why those heirlooms matter.

All that (and more) in your TAG LifeLot account. Don't have one yet? Click below and let the peace of mind commence.

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Seven Life Categories

Seven life categories for legacy and end of life planning. Everything broken down into manageable bites, acting as your very own personal database. 

File Management

Online document storage on another level! Sort and drop files into any of LifeLot's seven categories. Access them quickly when they're needed - no matter where you are.


Taking care of your loved ones means taking care of the medicallegal and financial documents they'll need after you're gone. Templates are editable, printable and free to download.

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About Me

Keep all your personal details here. You can upload identification documents like your birth certificate, drivers licences or a marriage certificate. List your past and current education, employment, pets, your family tree, even a bucket list!

Identification ● Family Tree ● Ancestry ● Education ● Employment ● Growing Up ● Memberships ● Favourite Things

My Digital

Store passwords and login details for all your online accounts and manage digital subscriptions. No more hassle writing, remembering, and resetting passwords. Remember just the one TAG LifeLot password to access all digital security information. 

Social Media ● Online Shopping ● Music Accounts ● Cloud Accounts ● Video Subscriptions

My Financial

Your life's financial information in one secure easily accessible location. Keep track of utility providers, KiwiSaver, insurances, mortgage and loan information plus other ongoing expenses.  Record assets and investments, upload receipts to keep safe for future reference and keep all that pesky tax information in one place. 

Bank Accounts ● Inland Revenue ● Mortgages ● Kiwisaver ● Company Information ● Investments and Shares ● Assets ● Liabilities ● Utility Providers

My Legal

Enter information about your Will, trusts, Guardians and Enduring Powers of Attorney. If you don’t have a Will you can find a range of templates and contacts here to assist in making it as easy as possible to get one done.

Wills ● Trusts ● Enduring Powers of Attorney ● Guardians ● Templates ● Lawyers

My Elderly Care

As you approach your golden years you will be able to record care providers, the services you use, and keep track of appointments.

Appointments ● Service Providers ● Retirement Village ● In Home Care

My Medical

Your medical history and treatment records are easily uploaded and accessed here, from allergies to your Advance Care Plan. In the event of an illness or accident, everything you and your family would need is available within minutes, reducing any additional stress that occurs during these times.

Doctors ● Health Practitioners ● Blood Donation ● Immunisations ● Illnesses ● Medications ● Dental ● Health Insurance ● Advance Care Plan

My Wishes

A place to record your memories, hopes and dreams, leave your legacy and your forever footprint. Record special funeral requests and what you’d like your loved ones to know when arranging your farewell. This ensures less stress for your loved ones in a difficult time.

Funeral Wishes ● Funeral Insurance ● Hopes and Dreams ● Heirlooms ● Letters to Loved Ones  ●  Memorable Photographs