25 Holiday Traditions To Start This Year

15th December 2017

What family Christmas traditions are you developing for your kids/grandkids? I love the concept of traditions, but sometimes it is hard to come up with unique Christmas traditions that will last.

With Christmas right around the corner, here are 25  family tradition ideas to supercharge your Christmas!

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1. Wrap 25 books. Kids can open one book each night leading up to Christmas. We just added this to our family Christmas traditions this year and my kids are loving it! 

2. Looking for things to do Christmas Eve night? Do a video interview of family members every Christmas Eve. Upload the finished videos to your LifeLot account to keep them safe from accidental deleting!

3. Instead of chocolate in the Advent Calendar, write notes each day about what you love the most about each child. This has been one of our best family Christmas traditions in our house for years. My kids run to the calendar each day for their love notes.

4. Hide the last presents on Christmas day and make clues as to where your kids can find them.

5. Turn your Elf on a Shelf into a Kindness Elf that helps around the house and notices when your kids do considerate things.

6. Make hot chocolate and cookies and drive around looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve.

7. Give matching Christmas pyjamas for the whole family on Christmas Eve.

8. Make reindeer food out of dried oats and glitter and have the kids sprinkle it in the backyard on Christmas Eve.

9. Take flour and make Santa footprints on Christmas Eve.

10. Watch Polar Express and drink hot chocolate every Christmas Eve.

11. Take your kids shopping for a toy to donate during the Christmas season.

12. Make a countdown to Christmas paper chain. Take a ring off the chain each day.

13. Make a hot chocolate bar with whipped cream and marshmallows.

14. Write a yearly letter to your kids and put it in a clear plastic, fillable ornament ballAlso keep a copy of them in the 'Letters To Family' section in your LifeLot account.  It will be lovely to read them back in years to come!

15. Take your kids shopping to buy presents for each other.

16. Have a special dessert or dish you only make on Christmas. Ours is ALWAYS a delicious and usually a white chocolate cheesecake! You can store all of your 'secret family recipes' that Nana may have passed down to you. Where can you keep them safely? In your LifeLot account!!

17. Have a camp out one night under the Christmas tree.

18. Boobie trap the children’s bedroom doors by creating a web of green and red streamers the kids have to break through on Christmas morning.

19. Take a picture each year in front of the tree in the same poses. Keep an ongoing collection for a photo series that shows them growing up. Scan and upload them to keep in your photographs section.

20. Photocopy your children’s letters to Santa each year and make a book out of them when they are older.

21. Make a red and green paper gratitude chain. Each night leading up to Christmas, each person writes what they are grateful for and adds it to the chain.

22. Have your children make gift coupons for people in the family (e.g. this coupon is good for one complimentary room cleaning).

23. Leave stockings at the foot of your children’s bed to keep them entertained as you catch a few more winks Christmas morning (one can dream)!

24. Give your kids a Christmas bath with a few drops of green food dye or Crayola Color Bath Dropz , candy canes and some holiday decorations all around the tub.

25. Hide christmas chocolate coins in the Christmas dinner.

I feel like I can go on and on! Christmas is about making special family traditions and memories. The gifts and yummy food are just a bonus!

I hope this gives you some unique family tradition ideas to make those memories last a lifetime or at least some ideas for things to do on Christmas Eve!

Happy holidays!

source: https://www.anxioustoddlers.com/best-family-christmas-traditions/

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