How To Make A Personal Plan For 2018

1st March 2018

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A good plan is like new shoes. You’re excited to have them but they’re uncomfortable. Safe plans waste time, energy, and talent. Good plans disrupt. Real plans disturb the status quo.

How to make a personal plan for 2018

Think about stopping.

“Reflect on past failure before planning future success.”

  • What efforts produced disappointing results? If you went back, what would you do differently? Do that in 2018.
  • What frustration still nags you? 
  • What drains the life out of you? What does that say about your values?
  • What did you hope would bring fulfilment, but didn’t?
  • What is failure calling you to try?

“Let go of something old to make room for something new.”

1. What do you need to stop doing in 2018?

(If you can’t completely stop it, how might you do less of what drains the life out of you?)

Follow energy.

What did you do in 2017 that lit you up?

“Think R.O.E – return on energy – more than R.O.I. when planning 2018.”

  • What projects jazzed you up?
  • What personal values were in play when your energy went up?
  • What do you learn about yourself when you consider the events, situations, or people that motivated you to change?

2. What might you do that gives you energy in 2018? 

Forget what you want others to do.

Planning is safe when it focuses on changing others.

“Successful leaders focus on things within their control. “

Think about what YOU will do to produce the year you want. Forget about controlling others.

3. What are YOU prepared to do – that you haven’t already done – to get where you haven’t been?

What considerations need to go into making a personal plan for 2018?

HOW TO MAKE A PERSONAL PLAN FOR 2018 by Dan Rockwell is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Along with thinking about, and making a plan to get stuff done in 2018, it is vital that you record your plans in your LifeLot account. You can come back to them at anytime during the year - revisit your original ideas and add to or adjust as needed. 

"People with clear, written

goals, accomplish far more

in a shorter period of time

than people without them

could ever imagine."

- Brian Tracy

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