Mother's Day - For the Special Women In Our Life

10th May 2018

Selina Allen

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black and white picture of mother and son reading together

Mother’s Day has snuck up on us again already, but sometimes it is really hard to know just what to give to these superwomen that we call ‘Mum’.

Maybe you think they already have everything possible (they don’t of course!) or maybe you want to get something different than the 3 handled coffee mug that says “Mum can handle anything”…yes, that’s a thing, I was given it last Mother’s day by my beautiful children, thanks kids!

"My ideal Mother’s Day would be spending the day with my family, no hint of housework or washing piles in sight! Devices and electronics switched off and interacting together over a fun board game, or outdoor activity, before a lovely meal around the table with lots of laughter and happiness."  – Selina

One thing is certain though – all Mum’s deserve to feel extra special and really feel the love on Mother’s Day - whether it be through a gift, our actions or even just with lovely words.

Here at LifeLot, the month of May is dedicated to Families. What better present to gift than being able to have our mum’s (or grandmas) legacy recorded for generations to come? To be able to look back on these precious memories, photographs, and stories at any time really is priceless. Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to visit mum or nana for a cuppa and a chat, where you can ask about the stories that make up her life, what she achieved and accomplished, and the things she looks back on and smiles about. Not only will you make her Mother's Day, you will be spending quality time together and you may even learn a few interesting and unknown things along the way! And the benefit of storing this kind of information safely in a LifeLot account is that it won't ever be lost or forgotten, and other family members and loved ones will have the opportunity to know all of these wonderful memories as well. 

"Quality time spent laughing and eating!" – Amanda

Life is SO busy that we tend to easily forget the special moments and memories, especially if we don’t have some visual or written reminder of them and so an added bonus through LifeLot is to create what we call a ‘LifeBook’. Your LifeBook will be just that, the book all about your life, for loved ones to look back through whenever they wish. It will contain photographs, history, memories, and the amazing stories that made you you…

While this is still a work-in-progress, we've discovered an awesome company who can help you put together a professional video. Check out Magnolia Productions and the fantastic service they provide their customers. Once your video has been made you can upload it straight to your or your loved ones LifeLot account. Magnolia Productions have also put together a comprehensive list, complete with thoughtful ideas for Mum this Mother's Day.

"A massage and then spending time with my famdamily - no phones, no fights, just fun!" -Angela 

We thought we would add our own personal Mother’s Day favourites, as you can see it definitely doesn’t have to be about spending money on gifts at all, (not gonna lie...I wouldn't turn down a nice bottle of wine and some yummy chocolate, to share of course!)

And for the mother who really does have it all...we have you covered with a LifeLot Gift Certificate.

Whatever you plan to do for your Mum on Sunday, remember it isn't about the value of dollars spent but about the value of thought and love that has been put into your 'gift'. 

Happy Mother's Day from the LifeLot team x

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