Honouring Your Loved Ones With Eco Urns

17th May 2018

Carey McLaughlin - Eco Urns NZ

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Tree reflected in water at night time

LifeLot are always looking for ways we can possibly do things better, even when it comes to being buried! We stumbled upon this awesome 100% NZ owned company - Eco Urns,  Carey McLaughlin gives a brief rundown on what it's about and why we should consider this idea...

New Zealand is following overseas trends of cemeteries running out of space.

Some New Zealand cemeteries are now using double plots.

Europe and as close as Sydney now charge either a lease plot for 20 years or annual rates for 20 years, then the remains are removed to a mass plot for a new lease.

Kiwis are turning to cremation, 85% and growing.  However unless an eco friendly option has been requested, the ashes are not environmentally friendly and contain some harsh chemicals. 

With this increase, follows another problem.  The dispersal of ashes.  Sprinkled on a garden (often a public garden) it clumps like concrete, kills plants and is disposed of by the maintenance gardener.  In waterways they are a serious pollutant. 

Eco Urns, with its specially developed soil and fully biodegradable urn are being welcomed by councils and environmentalists alike.  A solution to the growing population and a solution to a need for more trees.

Angela, Richard and Denise recently laid their Mum and Dad’s ashes to rest above their family home at Eastern Beach, (all necessary okay’s from the council received).  If they had of known about Eco Urns it would have been a lovely way to do this ceremony.

Imagine honouring your loved one (or pet) by planting a tree in their memory, with their ashes to fertilize and nurture its growth.

Enjoy watching the tree as it grows.  As it gains in height, it could become your shelter from the rain, your shade on a hot day.  Imagine reading a good book as you sit on its roots, or take the family to share a picnic in the beauty of its landscape.

As you live your life, the memory of your loved one will be ever-present for you to reflect upon the joy of the warm memories they brought to your life.

What type of tree do you want to be?

Eco Urns logoTo Find Out More About Eco Urns

Watch their YouTube Video - Introducing Eco Urns

Visit their website - https://ecourns.co.nz/

Contact them - 

Phone: 021 256 1500

Email: info@ecourns.co.nz

Call Any Day: 9:00 - 17:00

Email or Text: Any Time

LifeLot members - if you would love to have something like this for yourself when the time comes, make sure you make a note of this in the My Wishes section of your account so that your delegates and loved ones aren't left guessing how you really want to be remembered.

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