International Day Of Older Persons - 1st Oct

26th September 2018

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two elderly men playing a game of chess

International Day of Older Persons - 1 October

International Day of Older Persons is a United Nations initiative celebrated around the world.

It’s a time for everyone, families and organisations to acknowledge and say thank you for the huge contribution older people make to communities throughout New Zealand. Mentoring, volunteering, looking out for the neighbourhood, caring for children, sharing wisdom and experience and of course, being in paid work and leading businesses are some of the many ways senior New Zealanders aged 65 and older contribute.

This year is the 25th International Day of Older Persons, with a theme of ‘Sustainability and Age Inclusiveness in the Urban Environment.’

Across the world the number of seniors is expected to more than double to over 2 billion in 2050, and in around thirty years time it’s expected that there will be more older people than children - the first time in our history.

It's a day to acknowledge the contribution older people make to our communities.

Here in New Zealand we will have 1.2 million New Zealanders aged over 65 years in just twenty years.

This demographic change makes it important to plan for how and where we live. We need to look at creating a more enabling and inclusive environment that is supportive and inclusive to people of all ages, including older people. This includes access to affordable, reliable, safe and physically accessible transportation, which is one of the cornerstones of older persons’ participation, independence and social inclusion.

All of this is a benefit to the entire community, because what’s good for older people is almost always good for everyone else – for example, those in wheelchairs as well as parents with young children, or anyone with limited mobility. 

2018 International Day of Older Persons Events

IDOP Walking Festival - To celebrate International Day of Older Persons (IDOP) this year, Age Concern Counties Manukau have organised a walk at the Auckland Botanic Gardens, as well as some quick exercise sessions/demos by our Community Strength & Balance approved providers. Bring your walking shoes, wear something purple and participate in a fun, active and FREE event for all ages! Spot Prizes up for grabs on the day.

Where: Auckland Botanic Gardens, 102 Hill Rd, The Gardens, Auckland 2105

When: Monday 1st October, 10:30am

IDOP Z Station Coffee Fundraiser - On the 1st October $1 from every large coffee purchased at a participating Z Station will be donated towards Age Concern Counties Manukau.

Where: Z Skyway, Z Tom Pearce, Z Roscommon, Z Browns Rd, Z Waikaraka, Z Sylvia park, and Z Otahuhu.

When: Monday 1st October

Do you know everything you need and want to know about your parents or grandparents?

As weeks, months and years fly by, we are all missing opportunities to talk about real things - important things - with our parents. There are things that only they can answer or explain. Sadly, the reality is that when they pass, many of those answers, explanations and stories will go with them. So why are we wasting time? Why don't we ask them the questions that would explain events that shaped them, decisions they made and important lessons they learned? Questions that would yield new insights, understanding and compassion... for people we think we know so well?

To help you get these conversations started, check out 22 Things To Ask Your Parents.

Make the effort to celebrate the older people in your life by spending invaluable time with them - making family memories that last a lifetime. Even if you don't live close by, have a video chat! I know that if I asked my elderly mother what the best gift I could give her would be? It would always be the presence of family and loved ones...without a doubt. Life is made up of a lot, and before we know it that 'Lot' is up so NOW is the time to do as much as possible with our parents, grandparents and loved ones. 

The team at LifeLot were very saddened to hear that radio broadcaster and narrator Merv Smith passed away recently...we would like to extend our sincerest condolences to Merv's family and friends at this sad time.

Read more about the legendary man and his work with the Blind Foundation, and also Newstalk and 1ZB

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