The Perfect Valentine's Gift For Your Loved One

5th February 2019

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On Valentine’s Day, it can feel like there is a lot of pressure to come up with just the right gift.

However, you don’t need to spend a lot to make your love known. Homemade personal gifts are often the ones that communicate our love the best.

You can’t go wrong by making the effort to show and recognise your love on Valentine’s Day, but you could go wrong by just ignoring the day entirely.  And if you choose not to celebrate Valentine's Day, these ideas could work on any day of the year, or even birthdays and anniversaries!

Check out these 20 Valentine’s gift ideas to ease your stress over the holiday and make those you love feel amazing!

1. Engage All Five Senses

Decorate a five drawer set for the holiday and put something to tease each of the five senses in each drawer. Ideas would be perfume, candy, massage oil, lingerie, etc. This gift can also be made for the woman in your life. Use your imagination and watch your Valentine be surprised!

Valentine's Day Drawer Gift

2. Beer Me Flowers

Who says you can’t get a man flowers? Any beer lover would love this adorable valentine!

3. A gift that keeps giving every day

All you need is a white board marker to tell your loved one how special they are everyday just by changing the message. Easy to make with simple craft store items!

4. For your booklover

This one appears to be possible to DIY, but it also has an online order option. The online option is not cheap, but would be a forever keepsake for your most beloved book worm, or give the folding a try yourself.

book with pages folded to make the word 'Love'

 5. All the pieces of your heart

This Valentine is personal, special and affordable. Surprise your Valentine with a puzzle made from your favorite picture of the two of you.
Other websites found for these are: or

photo of couple made into a heart shaped jigsaw

6. Many Hearts Cheesecake

This would be an adorable surprise for your sweetheart. And it looks very impressive!

cheesecake with hearts throughout

7. Treasure Hunt

This says it’s for a husband, but it could be for wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. Send your loved one on a fun treasure hunt ending just where you want them to!

Treasure hunt clues

8. Cupcake bouquet

For this cute gift, you could bake your own cupcakes or buy a variety of bakery cupcakes to put in your arrangement.

Cupcake bouquet

9. Heart Bath Bombs

Any woman would love to get this gift. Bath bombs can be pricey to buy, but you can make them yourself. Pair it with other bath spa items and have a night of romance.

Bath bombs DIY

10. Two Person Journal

This is a couples journal for you both to complete by filling it in. This gift will help communication and connection building!

Two person journal

11. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Doing chocolate dipped strawberries would be a wonderful valentine treat for a man or woman. If they are a football fan, consider this added white decoration.

chocolate dipped strawberries

12. Photo Phone Case

Your valentine will always be holding you in their hands with this gift.

Couple on a personalised phone case

13. Engraved Alloy Wallet Card

Make a message to your loved one - a permanent reminder they can see every time they open their wallet.

personalised wallet card

14. A Year of Dates

Why not celebrate your love with a special date night once a month? Use a basket and twelve envelopes to hold each date description. Prepaid and pre-planned! What a great idea!

Basket with monthly folders inside

15. Jenga Love Game

Take a normal Jenga game and put clever questions or loving actions on each piece. If they pull a piece, the action is to be followed.

Jenga game for Valentine's Day

16. Chocolate Dessert Bowls

How about skipping the heavy dinner out and do dessert in? This is sure to be a sweet hit.

Chocolate dessert bowls with fruit inside

17. Breakfast in bed

Simple and thoughtful. Everyone loves to be surprised with breakfast in bed. Try this simple twist on cinnamon rolls.

cinnamon heart shaped scrolls

18. Love Painting

Just by gathering your kids, some paints and a canvas you can create a one of a kind piece of artwork for your valentine.

painted canvas with 'love' wriiten on it

19. Love Box

Put together a box with fun small gifts and messages of love for your valentine to dive into on a bad day. This is great for a long distance partner too! 

love box for Valentine's Day

20. The gift of LifeLot

Let us sort out your Valentine's Gift! Do you have a loved one who is more practical than romantical? A LifeLot subscription is the ideal way to give the gift of security, organisation and sharing. Contact us to get a gift certificate sorted.


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