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By Angharad O'Flynn for LAW TALK - the official magazine of the New Zealand Law Society.

LifeLot – everything in one place

The LifeLot portal aims to assist people with putting a lifetime of information into one secure location. Relevant information can then be shared with a delegate or trusted professional, such as a lawyer, doctor or financial adviser at the appropriate times.

"With delegates in place a person can rest assured that when they pass, or become medically unresponsive, their important documents can be dealt with, their wishes are clear and their legacy in this world is captured for their family." Says LifeLot founder Angela Calver.

If a LifeLot client does not have a will or an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA), there are templates in LifeLot which the client can complete and send to their lawyer for the document to be completed.

Ms Calver says lawyers have told her the portal would assist them if their clients had a LifeLot account as their documents would be in one place.

"LifeLot's new Trusted Professional delegate type enables the safe and secure sharing of selected client files 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Instead of emailing files back and forth or running into trouble sending large files, securely share them with LifeLot," says Ms Calver.

"A number of security concerns have arisen in the recent years as increasing amounts of sensitive information at every level have found their primary existence in digital form. This is where LifeLot steps in, allowing for the secure sharing of the really sensitive stuff.

"With LifeLot, when a client shares an important document, they can give a trusted professional permission to view and edit it so different copies don't have to be sent around in unsecure emails." Read the original LAW TALK article here

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