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1. What is LifeLot?

LifeLot is your personal online safe where you can store as much or as little information about your life that you’d like. You can keep important records of any part of your life including receipts and PDF uploads of documents such as a copy of your birth certificate or Will. There are sections to upload pictures and videos for family and friends. LifeLot is designed so that in the event anything was to happen to you, your life could be ‘wrapped up’ with ease and less stress on loved ones.

2. Who should have a LifeLot account?

LifeLot was designed for anyone who wants to get their life’s administration in order. LifeLot is very beneficial for those who may be ill or elderly and also for families who have children to think about. As life can change in a moment, it is advisable for single individuals to get their ‘ducks in a row’ as well.

3. Can I make an account for someone else?

The information entered into your LifeLot account is very personal and private. If someone needs help with creating an account LifeLot has a face-to-face service where a trained consultant will come and walk them through the process step-by-step. The consultants are under obligation to keep any information they see or hear strictly confidential.

4. Can I give my password to a close family member or friend?

LifeLot advises that you never give your password to anyone else. In the instance that you do, LifeLot takes no responsibility for any breach of privacy that may result.

You can assign delegates to specific sections of your personal information, should they need to access to any important documents on your behalf.

5. What do I do if I have forgotten my account login or password?

If you have forgotten your account password, click the ‘forgot password’ link. You will receive an email from LifeLot containing a link to reset your password. This will take you to create your new password which you can then log in with. If you cannot remember the email address you used when you signed up to LifeLot, please contact for help.

6. What is the Secret Question & Answer feature, and what happens if I forget my answer?

When you sign up for a LifeLot account, you will be asked to choose a security question from our list and type your answer. Every time you log in to your account you will be asked your secret question, and you have to answer this correctly. 

This secret answer is used as an encryption key, so it is not saved in the database. No one can view this answer even if looking directly in the database. All sensitive data is encrypted in the database using this key. You must give your security answer to your delegate or trusted professional, LifeLot admin are not able to reset your answer. They won't be able to access your account because they do not know your password.  

In a medical emergency, your assigned delegate(s) will use your secret answer to unlock your account and they will then be able to securely access your Advance Care Plan or Will, and call upon other important documents when they’re most needed.

If you do forget your secret answer, please contact for further assistance.

7. What is the 'Security Certificate' and do I have to print it out?

On logging in for the first time, you will be asked to download your LifeLot Certificate. Give this certificate to your delegate and/or lawyer. The certificate contains LifeLot contact details, your key identifier, your security question and the secret answer. It will not contain your password, so anybody with this certificate will not be able to log in.

image: forest of trees with question marks painted on trunksIf your certificate has been lost, you can obtain another by simply going to My Account > Change Secret Question. Enter your current answer, then choose a new question and answer. Click save, then once you log in the next time your new certificate will be available to download and print. 

8. Why have I been locked out of my account and how do I get back in?

If you enter the incorrect password 4 times consecutively, your account will be locked for security reasons. You will have to wait for 5 minutes before attempting to login again. 

9. Do the LifeLot website admin have access to my password and account?

No, never. LifeLot admin will never be able to access your account due to security and privacy systems used.

10. What information can the LifeLot admin team see?

The team at LifeLot will be able to see certain things to do with your account such as your name, email address, contact details, etc. We will also be able to see whether you have documents loaded into your account but we will not be able to see the documents. For example, if you have uploaded your Will into your account, LifeLot will be able to see that there is a document loaded, but we will never be able to view or open the document.

11. Why is there no option to ‘remember password’ when I log in?

LifeLot is extremely focussed on the importance of maintaining a secure website with above bank level security in place. Although it may seem more convenient for the user to have the option of remembering password at login, it will compromise the security of your account. You may have to check that your browser does not automatically save passwords, or if you are asked if you would like to save password, click 'never'.

12. What do I do if I haven’t received a confirmation email after signing up?

Please contact or call 09 950 4707 for help with this.

13. Who can I contact if I am having any trouble with my account or the website?

Please contact or call 09 950 4707 if you are having any trouble with your account or the website.

14. I don’t have a lawyer; can I still create a LifeLot account and get my Will sorted?

Yes, you will be able to. LifeLot has a Will template that will be available soon, if you do not have one already. LifeLot can also help with a lawyer at a discounted fee.

15. I already have a lawyer and a Will, should I still create a LifeLot account?

Yes! You are able to upload a PDF of your Will to your LifeLot account as well as recording your lawyer's details and where your Will is held.

16. Do I need to tell my lawyer that I have a LifeLot account?

It is highly recommended that you do. Having your lawyer aware that you have all of your personal information stored somewhere safe will be beneficial down the track or in the event of illness or death.

17. I have an Advance Care Plan in place, should I still have a LifeLot account?

Yes! You are able to upload a PDF of your Advance Care Plan to your LifeLot account. Your LifeLot account will cover a lot more of your personal information than the Advance Care Plan does.

18. Things that require your attention messages.

You do not have any medical delegates

You need to assign a medical delegate - someone who you trust who will receive your Advance Care Plan and access to your medical information in the event of an accident or illness.  Head to My Account > My Delegates to assign a medical delegate.

You do not have any life delegates

You need to assign a life delegate - someone who you trust who will receive full read-only access to your information, and will be able to download this information as secure PDFs.  Head to My Account > My Delegates to assign a life delegate.

You have a delegate request pending

Someone you know has requested that you become a delegate for them. Head to My Account > I'm a Delegate For to confirm or decline this request.

Download your certificate

Click on Download your certificate, you can then print it and give a copy to your delegate and/or lawyer.

Upgrade to a full LifeLot account today

Click on this link to upgrade to a full LifeLot subscription, choose from monthly or yearly billing.

19. What is a ‘delegate’?

Delegates are the most trusted people in a person's life with whom your Lot can be shared in certain situations. In a medical emergency, a delegate will be able to securely access an Advance Care Plan or Will, and call upon other important documents when they're most needed. A LifeLot account must be transitioned to an "unlocked" state by the LifeLot team before a delegate can access it, and there is strict protocol around this transition.

When you first create your LifeLot account, you need to assign at least two delegates, who will receive an email from us with your requests and further instructions. They have the option to either accept or decline your request. Your delegate/s are responsible for getting in touch with LifeLot at the first instance of either:

  • medical unresponsiveness (Medical Delegate), or 
  • death (Life Delegate). 

Once confirmed, LifeLot can then let the delegate/s know what they need to know and what steps they need to take next.

20. I already have a Power of Attorney; do I still need a delegate as well?

Yes, for the purposes of how the LifeLot website is designed, you need to assign at least two delegates.

21. Why do I need two delegates?

Just in case something were to happen to one of your delegates, it is a requirement that you also have a backup delegate.

22. Does my delegate have to be the same person as my Power of Attorney?

It is not mandatory that your delegate be the same person as your Power of Attorney, although having the same person may make things easier in the long run.

23. What happens if my delegate no longer wants to be a delegate?

Your delegate will need to let you know that they want to stand down from being your delegate. After you have logged in and gone to ‘My Account’ you will have the option to remove the delegate and reassign someone else. That person will receive an email to let them know, and what they need to do next.

24. What happens if my delegate passes away?

After you have logged in and gone to ‘My Account’, you will need to remove the delegates details and reassign someone else. That person will receive an email to let them know, and what they need to do next.

25. I have been asked to be a delegate for someone else, what should I do?

If someone has chosen you to be their delegate you will receive an email from LifeLot to inform you. If you agree to be their delegate, you will need to accept this request. If you don't want to be their delegate, please decline the request so that they may be notified and choose someone else. 

26. What do I do if I want to change some of the information I have already entered?

The LifeLot website has been designed to be very user-friendly and easy to add/remove/edit your information. If at any time, you are unsure how to use the website or update any information, please contact

27. How safe and secure is my personal information on LifeLot website?

The security of the LifeLot website is of upmost importance due to the highly confidential information it contains. For this reason, LifeLot has bank level security to ensure that any information and documents uploaded are as secure as possible.

28. What happens if the website gets hacked?

No matter how high the security level of a website is, with today’s technology there is always a small chance that any website could get hacked. LifeLot uses multiple layer encryption security so that this chance is greatly minimised.

29. What happens to my information when I pass away?

Your delegates have a certain time period to get things sorted after your death. After this period of time has passed your account will be permanently closed and any information or documents will be deleted/disposed of in the appropriate manner.

30. What happens to my information if I cancel my account?

If you decide to cancel your account, your information and any uploaded documents will be permanently deleted. You will have the option to download your information for your own reference.

31. I’m moving overseas, can I still have a LifeLot account?

Yes, but for security reasons, there may be a temporary hold on your account until LifeLot can verify that you are who you say you are.

32. Who can see my personal information that I have entered on the website?

You are the only person who will have access to your account or be able to see the information you enter. For admin purposes, the only personal information the LifeLot team are able to see is your name, email, and contact details.

33. Can I print out my information to keep as a ‘hardcopy’?

This is not currently available. If you decide you want to cancel your account, you will have the option to download your information to your personal computer.

34. Are my credit card details stored on LifeLot?

When you pay for your membership your browser may store your credit card details as it would with any site. but you can opt for the browser not to keep this information. 

35. What if I don't have a credit/debit card?

Please contact us at 

36. How much does it cost to have a LifeLot account?

Monthly subscription fee - $6.95 per month 
Annual subscription fee - $64.95 per year 
LifeScribe Face-to-Face service - $450.00 + GST (this price includes 4 hours time, travel costs, a 1 year subscription) 

37. Can I pay for more than a one-year subscription at once?

An annual subscription is the longest subscription available currently.

38. Do I get a discount if I purchase a longer subscription period?

Yes, by purchasing an annual subscription instead of monthly you automatically save over $18.00 (per year)!

39. Can I pay for a LifeLot account for someone else?

Yes, you can. Please contact to ask the best way to do this.

40. If I want to cancel my account before my subscription is up, can I transfer the remainder to another person?

No this is not possible as that membership is linked to your personal account, which cannot be used for someone else. When you cancel your account, your information and any uploaded documents will be permanently deleted. You will have the option to download your information for your own reference, but this may incur a fee.

41. I only want to enter some of the personal information that I am asked for, is this ok?

Yes, LifeLot is designed so that you can enter as much or as little information as you want (other than the small amount of ‘required information’). To get the full benefit from your LifeLot account, it is recommended that you enter as much information as you can.

42. I would like to add extra information but there is no space provided, what can I do?

We have tried to make spaces large enough for all of your information, but if you happen to run out of space, you will find you can upload PDF’s within each section of your account.

43. Who do I contact if I have any technical issues with the website?

Please contact or call a team member at the contact details provided.

44. What do I do if I have a suggestion/improvement for the LifeLot website?

LifeLot welcomes any improvements or suggestions, please email

45. I would like to have a face to face appointment with someone from LifeLot, what do I do?

See our LifeScribe page here, alernatively email stating that you would like to book a face to face appointment and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

46. What is the background of LifeLot?

LifeLot was originally born from a desire to help family and friends who are going through the emotional and physical anguish of losing a loved one. If your loved one did not have a Will, guardianship in place, an EPOA (Enduring Power of Attorney), or left any instructions on closing personal accounts etc. this process can be extremely difficult and stressful. This sad time is already hard enough to try and get through let alone not knowing where to start with what your loved one wanted after his/her passing.  LifeLot is all about making your life easier for you while you are here, and easier for your loved ones when you have gone. 

47. What happens if someone logs into my account without my permission?

Due to the highly sensitive nature of what is contained in your LifeLot account, it is very important that you never give anyone your password or login details. LifeLot cannot be held responsible for any breach of privacy issues that may arise from this, please see our Terms of Service page.

48. What are the chances of my personal online account being hacked?

The security of your LifeLot personal online account is one of our highest priorities. The site uses encryption to store your information, not even our staff can view it. In the online world, encryption disguises data by rearranging the data bits so nobody can read or see the information without the secret key. This key can consist of a password or a digital file. Encryption secures plain text documents as well as any other digital media like photos, videos or software. Let’s say hypothetically all the super computers in the world decided to group up and task themselves to decrypt your 256 key so they could access your data. It would take one billion super computers 234 years (the age of our universe) to look at less than .01% of the entire key possibilities! (Source:

49. If I don’t trust the internet with all of my personal information, are there any other options available or any way of still having a LifeLot account?

Absolutely! If you do not want to put your information onto the website, you can store all of the same information on a waterproof USB Flash Drive provided by LifeLot. This means that you will book a face to face appointment with one of our trained 'LifeScribers' who will go through the same format as website and upload PDF versions to keep on your USB safely. The information that is stored on the USB cannot be edited or any changes made. It is then your responsibility to keep this USB in a safe and secure place, or with someone you trust such as your delegate or lawyer.

50. What is the maximum file size I'm able to upload to my LifeLot account?

The maximum file size that can be uploaded to the site is 700MB. 

51. What types of files am I able to upload to my LifeLot account?

You are able to upload jpeg, jpg, png, doc, docx, pdf, xls, xlsx, xlb, xlbx, ppt, pptx, rtf, txt, gif, avi, flv, wmv, mov and mp4 files to your LifeLot account.

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