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Here you'll find a number of helpful links to information sources, organisations and agencies to get you organised in all aspects of life. 

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Births, Deaths and MarriagesHelpful links - Births, deaths and marriages

Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) registers and maintains New Zealand birth, death, marriage, civil union and name change information, and issues certificates and printouts.

Get a birth certificate

Get a marriage certificate

Change your name

Registering a death

Get a death certificate

What you need to do when someone dies

Insurance Helpful links - Insurance

Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss. There are a multitude of different types of insurance policies available, and virtually any individuals or businesses can find an insurance company willing to insure them, for a price.

The most common types of personal insurance policies are auto, health, homeowners and life insurance policies. 

Click here to see our Preferred Insurance Advisors. 

KiwiSaverKiwisaver logo

KiwiSaver is a voluntary, work-based savings initiative with a range of membership benefits.

Providers and Schemes

Contribution Holiday

Kiwisaver Benefits

Accessing your money early

Inland Revenue DepartmentImage: Inland Revenue Logo

The New Zealand Inland Revenue website provides information and services related to taxes and specific social policy services administered.

Contact Inland Revenue

Create a myIR account

Calculators and Tools

Work & Income NZImage: Work and Income logo

Work and Income provides employment services and financial assistance throughout New Zealand.

Apply online

Benefits and payments

Looking for Work

Loyalty ProgramsHelpful links - Loyalty programs

A loyalty program is a rewards program offered by a company to customers who frequently make purchases.

Fly Buys

AA Smart Fuel

Air New Zealand Airpoints

Budgeting Helpful links - Budgeting

Budgeting lies at the foundation of every financial plan. It doesn’t matter if you’re living paycheck to paycheck or earning six-figures a year, you need to know where your money is going if you want to have a handle on your finances.

Here's a list of organisations that can help you with budgeting advice. 

Sorted Budgeting Tools

Family Budgeting

Citizens Advice Bureau Budgeting

Every Dollar Counts

Simply Budget

Department of Internal AffairsHelpful links - Department of Internal Affairs

The Department of Internal Affairs is the public service department of New Zealand charged with issuing passports, administering applications for citizenship and lottery grants and supplying support services to Ministers of the Crown.

Get a Passport


Blood Donation ServicesHelpful links - Blood donation

Blood is needed to save lives in times of emergencies and to sustain the lives of those with medical conditions, like leukaemia and bleeding disorders, as well as patients who are undergoing major surgeries. For many patients, blood donors are their lifeline. One unit of blood can save three lives!

Contact NZ Blood Service

Where to donate

Health and Wellbeing AssistanceHelpful links - Health and Wellbeing

Altogether Autism - Trusted autism information and advice in NZ

Health Pages - Find a Health Professional - Over 13,000 health & wellbeing services in NZ – find expert help now.

New Zealand Organisation for Rare Disorders - Rare disease information gateway, support groups directory, practical advice, health and disability resources, research information, news and issues.

Mesothelioma Guide - Up-to-date information about living with mesothelioma, treatment options and more. 

Mesothelioma Justice Network - The Mesothelioma Justice Network fights on behalf of patients, demanding justice from negligent asbestos companies. They also provide educational resources, support and information to anyone that may have questions about asbestos. 

Your Medical RecordsHelpful links - Your Medical records

You have a right to see your own health information. If you make a request to your doctor or other health agency they must respond within 20 days of your request. 

If the agency does not respond to your request to access your health information within 20 working days, or they have denied your request and you are unsatisfied with their reason, you can complain to the Privacy Commissioner.

If you made your request to a public health sector agency (e.g. your DHB), they cannot charge you a fee for this. Private sector agencies (e.g. your private sector dentist) can only charge you if they have provided you with the same information in the last twelve months. More about this is on this Privacy Commissioner fact sheet.

Request a copy of your medical records 

Request a copy of your immunisation records

Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand Helpful links - Leukemia and blood cancer NZ

Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand (LBC) is the leading organisation in New Zealand dedicated to supporting patients and their families living with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related blood conditions.

Contact Leukaemia & Blood Cancer NZ

Medic Alert FoundationHelpful links - Medic Alert

The MedicAlert® Foundation provides life saving information services, supported with an internationally recognised Medical ID.

Contact MedicAlert Foundation

St John New ZealandHelpful links - St John

St John New Zealand is a charitable organisation providing healthcare services to the New Zealand public.

Contact St John

Regional Contacts

Medical Alarm Free Trial

The Immunisation Advisory CentreHelpful links - The Immunisation Advisory Centre

Providing New Zealanders with independent, factual information about vaccine-preventable diseases and the benefits and risks of immunisation. 

Contact The Immune Advisory Centre 

Request a copy of your immunisation records

Helpful links - ACC

ACC – Accident Compensation Corporation

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) provides comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover for all New Zealand residents and visitors to New Zealand.

Contact ACC

Making a Claim

Medical Equipment Rental Helpful links - Medical Equipment Rental

The following sites have a range of medical equipment to assist you to find the comfort or mobility that you require.

Invacare Rentals

Walk on Wheels

Mobility Centre


Home Health Care

Life Unlimited Store

Living Trust & Estate PlanningThe New Zealand Law Society

The law affects nearly everything we do but it can be complex and expert advice is often needed. A lawyer has the training, experience and knowledge to help you. If your lawyer can’t help you with a particular matter, they can refer you to another specialist. Click here to see our list of LifeLot preferred Lawyers. 

The New Zealand Law Society

Ministry of Social DevelopmentHelpful links - Ministry of Social Development

The Ministry of Social Development is the public service department of New Zealand charged with advising the government on social policy, and providing social services.

Contact MSD

MSD Initiatives

Services for 65s and Beyond

Below you'll find a range of services and directories to support people as they get older. 

Government ProvidersImage: SuperGold

Healthcare Providers - Ministry of Health

Senior Service - Work and Income NZ

Seniorline - ADHB

Super Seniors - MSD

Seniors - MSD


Government help with healthcare if you're over 65

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Image: Elderly couple touching foreheads and laughing

Not-For-Profit Organisations

Age Concern
Age Plus


Blind Foundation

Life Unlimited - Disability Information

Advocacy GroupsAdvocacy groups

CCS Disability Action - Service and Advocacy

Grey Power

Health and Disability Advocacy

In Home ServicesHelpful links - Health Services

Carers New Zealand

Care On Call

The Good Companion

Meals on Wheels



Health Pages - Find a Health Professional

Retirement Villages

Health ServicesHealth services

Independent Living Service

NACSA - Needs Assessment Service Co-ordination Association

NZ Home and Community Health Association

Transport ServicesTransport Services

Driving services for the elderly are vital for those who no longer drive. Seniors need transportation to the supermarket, medical appointments and meetings with social services and governmental agencies.

Transportation options allow them to remain independent in their homes, rather than going to long-term care facilities.

Driving Miss Daisy

R & R Mobility

RE-LI-ON-US Mobility Services

CCS Disability Mobility Parking

Funerals and Services

Helpful links - Funerals and Services

Find a CANZ celebrant

Registering a death

Get a death certificate

What you need to do when someone dies

Citizens Advice Bureau Q & A

Funeral Home Directory

Funeral homes arrange services in accordance with the wishes of surviving friends and family, whether immediate next of kin or an executor so named in a legal will. The funeral home often takes care of the necessary paperwork, permits, and other details, such as making arrangements with the cemetery.

Funeral Planning

Better Send Off is a one-stop shop for everything you need to personalise the celebration of your loved one's life. You'll find all you need to know to give your loved one the best send off.

Ancestry and GenealogyA Memory Tree

A Memory Tree - A Memory Tree is NZ's largest and most comprehensive website holding death information. If a death has been published in a leading newspaper you can locate accurate, up-to-date information about the person here. Summaries of all published death notices are available. A Memory Tree updates their records hourly and list over 90% of all deaths.


Research your family history - NZ Government

Family History - National Library

Genes Reunited

My Heritage

Family Search

NZ Society of Genealogists

NZ Genealogy Ltd

NoticeMATCH logo

For Business

NoticeMATCH - NoticeMATCH helps you identify deceased clients quickly & accurately. Manage your database and grow future relationships.

Match published death information against your database in real time. NoticeMATCH records over 90% of all deaths in New Zealand every day and you can run a match any time.


It's simple to set up, free to try, and it can make a world of difference for your family if something happens to you.