Meet the Team

At TAG we offer far more than just mortgage and insurance advice.

If you've got questions about setting up your wills and trusts, managing ACC, or how to make the most out of your Kiwisaver please contact us for more information.

Stephen WiltonStephen

  • Mortgage Specialist
  • Registered Financial Adviser (BCom)
  • Phone: 09 576 2370
  • Mobile: 0274 584 619
  • Email:

Stephen is our 'go to' numbers guy and is great at providing a solution to all our clients different requests. His philosophy is to deliver a quick and efficient service to our clients in a way that involves them but makes it as simple as possible. He has the ability to remember almost everything and has a great relationship with many of our clients, some from last Month and some for over 15 Years now.

Golf is his escape when he is not being "Dad", but he has way more success with helping clients than he does with golf.

Michelle WiltonMichelle

  • Mortgage & Risk Insurance Specialist
  • Registered Financial Adviser
  • Phone: 09 576 2370
  • Mobile: 0274 366653
  • Email:

Michelle is the master of both Mortgages and Insurance (and the office). With over 15 years of experience, Michelle saw the need for both her Moneytree clients, and Stephen's Mortgage Minders clients, to have a full advice solution that worked off the back of them being the trusted advisers to both companies.

(TAG) The Advice Group, thanks to Michelle now provides that to all of our clients. It just made sense and has been a huge success with a lot of happy clients who now have their mortgage and insurance solution inline and under one roof. The gym, family and the girlfriends are just a few of the things that fill in her time outside of TAG...

Phil RobonsonPhil

  • Insurance Adviser
  • Registered Financial Adviser
  • Phone: 09 576 2370
  • Mobile: 021 313 231
  • Email:

Phil joined the team as a perfect fit to help our clients out and make sure their insurance solution was as good as the mortgage one, and that they work together. At TAG we want the best for our clients.

Phil is one of the best at providing a "Plan B" that works, makes sense, and is easy to understand. The family and a bit of boxing keep him balanced and he is the other "go to guy" in the office.


Leanne (aka Lenny) has a wealth of experience in the mortgage and banking industries, with over 10 years working with HSBC, BNZ and for the better part looking after clients of TAG’s (formerly Mortgage Minders & Moneytree).

Our clients love Leanne’s friendly nature and ability to work with them from the beginning of the process through to the end, making sure that they feel fully supported, updated and that they get the best advice possible. Leanne has two beautiful children, is an amazing cook and loves a good glass of wine.


Paulette is our person who knows where everything is and how it all works. She has been part of the team for over 10 years now and knows a lot more than she lets on!! Local, loyal and a major part of the team, she does a lot to make sure we all have some fun at the same time as getting the job done.

Family, friends and "her boys" easily fill in the time outside of her part time "TAG Team" role.

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