Gift Certificates

What Is A Great Gift To Give To Your Loved Ones?

Does finding the perfect birthday, anniversary or holiday gift for your loved ones present a daunting challenge every year? It’s sometimes hard to find exactly what they want or need, when so often they seem to own pretty much everything under the sun. But this year is going to be different! Give your family a LifeLot account, and enjoy the security that comes from knowing that they're totally prepared for today and the future.

LifeScribe Gift Certificate

LifeSCribe Certificate

One of our friendly and experienced team members can come to you, help you create your LifeLot account and complete your online profile.

  • four hours LifeScribe time
  • travel costs
  • one year subscription

Value $517.50 inc GST

If you are not comfortable storing some of your data on our private and secure network, you can still provide your loved ones with substantial benefits and peace of mind. We can help collate your "Lot" to one location and secure it all on a waterproof USB drive.

3 Month Subscription

Value $20.85 inc GST

1 Year Subscription

LifeLot 1 year certificate

Value $64.95 inc GST

Give the Gift of LifeLot today. Call us on 09 950 4707 to arrange a gift certificate.

Give the Gift of Organisation

Seven life categories broken down into manageable bites, acting as your personal database. Categories include the obvious things like wills and insurance documents…but also things you may not have thought about, like email passwords, account numbers, family recipes, and final wishes. Drop files into any category or scan and upload for quick retrieval.

Give the Gift of Security

Securely store everything in one place. LifeLot goes above and beyond when it comes to your security. We use two-step verification, IP detection, bank-level SSL certificates and AES 256-bit encryption to store your data. Encryption of all sensitive data ensures that everything that you store in LifeLot is for your eyes only, not even our staff can view it. The privacy and security of your data is paramount.

Give the Gift of Sharing

Family members, friends, financial advisors, lawyers and doctors can be named as delegates and have access to selected files at certain times. This ensures that if and when it's needed, they’ll be able to securely understand your wishes, identify accounts, and locate important documents from any internet-connected device.



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It's simple to set up, free to try, and it can make a world of difference for your family if something happens to you.