3 Ways To Prevent Hearing Loss

24th October 2018

Bay Audiology

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1. Avoid Loud Noises

Sensorineural hearing loss appears when there has been damage caused to the nerve connecting the inner ear to the brain and the second most common form of Sensorineural hearing loss is noise-induced hearing loss. Noise induced hearing loss, whilst common, can be preventable. Although many occupations, hobbies and events generally involve loud noises, it is not too difficult to avoid or limit your exposure to loud noises.

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Avoid using loud power tools and cooking appliances. Be conscious of the appliances you are buying, and opt for low noise ratings. If it is impossible to avoid using such appliances, be sure to keep track of how much time you’ve spent being exposed to loud noises and be sure to limit your exposure to these noisy activities.

If you think your workplace is too loud, speak with your Human Resources department. They may be able to make alternative changes to using quieter equipment, move you to a quieter environment or provide you with breaks so that you are not exposed to the noise for long periods of time.

 2. Take Precautions with your Ears & Hearing

There are many products on the market which can help protect your ears from damage. Wear ear plugs or ear muffs to reduce the volume of sound in both the workplace and at home. Even simple household tasks such as vacuuming can cause damage, so be sure to wear your protective equipment whenever necessary.

If you are a musician you can even invest in protective equipment which will reduce the volume of the loud and damaging noises you may be exposed to from loud instruments or performances. This will help reduce the probability of developing hearing loss conditions such as tinnitus, which is detectable as a kind of ringing noise in the ear.

Avoid using cotton buds or any other foreign objects to clean your ears. Your ears are self-cleansing organs which uses ear wax to protect the ear canal and exclude other harmful particles such as dust from entering and damaging your ears.  Using cotton buds may actually push the wax back into your ear or encourage unnecessary wax build up. This will also reduce the likelihood of developing conductive hearing loss, which is caused by a condition which blocks the sound waves in the inner ear.

3. Get Regular Hearing Checks

As we get older we become more vulnerable to hearing loss. However, this is easily detected through regular checkups. You can ask your general practitioner to also conduct a hearing screening during your regular health check ups or visit an audiologist for a comprehensive hearing diagnosis.

There are clear signs that your hearing loss might be deteriorating. If you are struggling to have conversations on the phone, find yourself turning up the television volume more regularly or constantly asking people to repeat themselves then it might be a good idea to book in for a free hearing test.

Your family and loved ones might notice hearing loss signs before you do. The conversation can be confronting, but be open-minded and get a hearing check for peace of mind. Remember that damage to your hearing is irreversible so be sure to act sooner rather than later to prevent further hearing problems.

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